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"Working with feature-film actors, in Toronto or on location, is exciting and challenging work."

"It requires a high degree of precision and timing to deliver the desired look that the director and production team wish to achieve on screen."

"I offer that same level of skill and professionalism to all my clients. That includes giving you the confidence and motivation to achieve immediate and long-term goals which will lead to an active, healthy lifestyle."

"You can expect a challenging fitness program that is tailored to your lifestyle and your own individual set of goals. You'll also learn about nutrition, which along with your training will allow you to maintain a new level of fitness and good health."

"You'll feel better, look better and live longer."

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Jeremy Bolt, PRODUCER

Don Carmody, PRODUCER

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Sienna Guillory, ACTOR

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Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, ACTOR

Don't live in the Greater Toronto Area? We can still help.

We can provide you with online Fitness Training and Nutritional Programs to suit your lifestyle and individual goals.

Contact us at info@sweatelitetraining.com for more details.

Create your own personal account. It's free to join and you will get some great tips and ideas to a healthier you, straight from Nuno himself. Just go to the Client Login section and choose Sign Up.

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