About Us

SWEAT Elite Personal Training Studios was established in 2003 by a passionate, dynamic individual whose foresight has helped the business flourish and continues to blossom today.

Mr. Nuno de Salles is founder and owner of SWEAT. He brings a strong educational background as well as a lengthy personal training dossier to his clientele. Nuno comes from a long line of power trainers and takes pride in his weight training career. When Nuno says, "weight training is in my blood", he means it! Both his father and grandfather earned honours as champions in their native country of Portugal.

At SWEAT, we combine sound scientific principles, expert biomechanical correctness of technique, proper program design and, the most crucial aspect of all, accurate nutritional programming to enable our clients to realize their fitness goals.

At SWEAT Elite Personal Training Studios our customized programs are the groundwork for our mission statement. In addition, we have partnered with well-established contacts within the fitness industry. Our contacts include Sports Medicine Doctors, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Naturopaths and Nutritionists. Together with our partners we will strive to successfully design a comprehensive program that addresses each individual's requirements.

What We Do

We show you how to redefine your life.

SWEAT is the apex of personal fitness. Our trainers are highly committed to redefining your lifestyle through our distinct full-body workout. Our personalized sessions are customized to meet your fitness goals and are carefully evaluated to ensure continued success.

SWEAT is entirely focused on your wellbeing. Whether your goal is to trim down, bulk up, or improve within a particular sport, we will be able to assist you. Let us show you how to change the way you live.
Our mission is to positively motivate our clients so they achieve their own personal goals. Instilling confidence in the fact that the goals they have set forth will lead them in an active, healthy lifestyle.

Our clients can expect us to provide them with a challenging program tailored to their individual needs, with focus on both, their immediate and long-term goals. We will educate our clients on all aspects of nutrition and fitness.

Our mission is to provide the knowledge and the tools for a healthy and balanced lifestyle attainable by means of a custom-designed exercise program.

We meet our mission through:
  • Experienced personal trainers dedicated to professionalism and refining their knowledge of the fitness industry.
  • One-on-one personal training in a studio environment.
  • Customized personal training programs including sports specific programs and programs for clients with physical imbalances.
  • Regular monitoring.
  • Written progress reports.
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